Steps to Setting Up an LLC
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You are ready to start your own business and you need to set up an LLC. We can help.

Steps to Setting Up An LLC

Even the most savvy person with the best business idea and plan can get bogged down getting their business up and running. The California Legislature enacted legislation that permits Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) to be created. They are affordable and easy to form.


What to Do When A Loved One Dies
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What To Do When A Loved One Dies. We can help.

Whether you received a 2 a.m. phone call with news of an unexpected death or you were present and shared your loved one's final moments, your initial reaction to the death was likely shock. It doesn't seem to matter how prepared we are – or aren't – a loved one's death often leaves us feeling numb and bewildered. If you're responsible for making the funeral arrangements or being executor of the will, shock and grief can be immobilizing. Even simple decisions can be overwhelming.


Step by Step Guide to Divorce

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You are ready to start the divorce process, but is already overwhelming. We can help.

Here is a summary of the steps that need to be taken in most California divorces.

Step-by-Step Guide to Divorce in California

There are normally four steps involved in a divorce: